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November 25, 2005

I’m in a room with people I love.  Meet the Fockers is on the television, and the table in front covered with Brie, Mushrooms, Olives, Salmon spread, red peppers and calms.  This is pre-Thanksgiving.  

The Thanksgiving table is just a few feet away.  It’s a large open room; I can see the kitchen from my chair.  It’s pretty slick, I have to give my parents credit for their new redesign: marble, Viking kitchen range and Turkey and stuffin’ filling the air with great smells.  

 I’m in Seattle.  Flowers near me and a view of the water is directly in front of us.  It’s just a great place to be right now, and pretty soon I’m going to throw a fake fire log on the fire.  So, if the scene is so great, why am I writing this blog in the middle of it all? 

 Because it makes me happy.  I love surrounding myself with all the drama and comfort of my family and friends, while observing these entire time–I love the space to watch and learn.  I really couldn’t write anything close to as good as what goes on around me, I just hope to point out a few things worth remembering. 

Here’s two random things.  I recently sat next to Robert DeNiro at a bar in NYC.  I’m normally not star struck, but I wanted to let him know how very cool he is.  Other than thanking him for his work, I really didn’t have anything to say that would be orginal in any way, so we left the bar and enjoyed some 2am New York pizza. 

Simple questions always can throw you off.  I was recently asked, “What do I like doing?”  What made this hard was I didn’t know how interested in the person who asked me was in my reply.  I elaborated.  In situations like this, I always question my answers to make sure I”m not just repeating my online profile but that I’m really responding to their question, right now, in the moment it’s being asked. 

“I like finding books at Goodwill, garage sales, driving and finding new places to eat, discount stores, neighborhoods with distinct values: accents, cuisines, people; and hearing people I love laugh…” It’s not the traditional list, but I’m tired of that list.  It’s too much dating profile and not enough here’s who I am post-honeymoon period.  What I like doing is discovering things and people. 

Be back soon. 




Hello world!

November 25, 2005

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